Resource Advisor is Schneider Electric’s enterprise-level StruxureWare software application and part of the EcoStruxure architecture. Resource Advisor provides secure access to data, reports and summaries to drive your energy and sustainability programs.

Resource Advisor’s standard features provide plenty of functionality, but some users require additional customization to meet their specific needs. We work with you to build Resource Advisor to the specifications you prefer. You won’t pay for features you won’t use, and you’ll have the ability to personalize and configure your experience for maximum efficiency.

Resource Advisor combines quality assurance and data capture capabilities into one energy and carbon management solution. Enterprises that depend on audited and verified data that other software or internal spreadsheets can’t guarantee will appreciate Resource Advisor’s uncompromising approach to data accuracy.

  • Customizable Homepage
  • Site Dashboards
  • Localized Preferences
  • Data Entry Module
  • Commodities Forecasting
  • Market Pricing
  • Data-Driven Analysis
  • Cost & Usage Reporting
  • Interactive Map
  • Summary Data
  • Custom Reporting
  • Sustainability Homepage
  • Carbon Emissions
  • Data Collection
  • Environmental Metrics
  • Carbon Inventories
  • Invoices
  • Goals & Forecasts
  • Project Management
  • Recommendations
  • Hedge Reporting
  • Savings
  • Variance Reporting
  • Business Analytics
  • Environmental Trading
  • Sub-Sites
  • Meter Integration